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Poets and Muses is an award-winning weekly poetry podcast (listen to it here), where the Host and Executive Producer, Imogen Arate (herself a prolific poet), chats with poets about their inspirations.

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Poets and Muses Episode with Danae Barnes. Background image by https://www.instagram.com/lisasterle/

During each episode, two poems serve as the doorway into an exploration of diverse human experiences. Topics we’ve covered include love, climate change, friendships, mental and physical health, family relationships and many more.

Since launching in December of 2018, Poets and Muses has featured 149 poets in the US and abroad, from those in their teens to octogenarians.

While we highlight poets with a range of artistic history, the podcast is mainly a platform for emergent poetic voices from a variety of social-economic backgrounds.

Aside from professional poets and writers, other guests work in a myriad of professions, such as arts and entertainment, advocacy, business, construction, education, government, healthcare, international development, social services, journalism, legal services, science and technology, etc.

Some of our guests are refugees while others are veterans or come from military families.

Although Poets and Muses is mainly conducted in English, our podcast also features poems written in other languages.

In addition to showcasing an array of representative voices, Poets and Muses also aims to dispel misgivings and apprehension the listening public has toward poetry, as well as to inspire people to adopt poetry as a mode of self expression. Take a listen.

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