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Thank you for taking a peek at our new project, Beyond Projections!

Please scroll down for our project goals and answers to other Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t see the answer to your question? Ask in the Feedback Form on the left.

What inspired you to launch Beyond Projections?

Well, during Poets and Muses‘ three-plus-years journey chatting with diverse poets about their inspirations, I found that aside from providing a platform for marginalized voices, people also need to make a living doing what they love. This is why, after much research and soul-searching, I decided to combine two of my great loves, literature and film, to start Beyond Projections, a paying-publication project.

If we reach our fundraising target, Beyond Projections will allow under-represented (and often misrepresented) voices from two media to take center stage and get paid while creating art that people from all over the United States, as well as the world, can relate to.


Please use the Feedback form (the floating orange tab on the left) to ask your questions about the Beyond Projections project and we’ll answer them below.

I. Funding

What happens to donations if you don’t have enough funding to launch the journal project?

While we obviously hope there will be enough interest in this project to reach our target funding, the funds will be returned to the donors if we don’t.

We partnered with GoFundMe as our fundraising platform precisely because we want to ensure that, should we not reach our funding goals, the funds already donated will go back to their rightful donors.

Are you looking for funds from traditional funding organizations?

Yes is the short answer. If you work for a funding organization and would like to help us launch Beyond Projections, please contact us (via the Feedback Form on the left).

The longer answer: We chose crowdfunding because

  • We want Beyond Projections to be a true community effort, and crowdfunding gives us the ability to gauge the interest for Beyond Projections from the public, as well as those within literary communities. So, if this project sounds exciting to you, donate or share this fundraiser to ensure it will launch.
  • In addition, crowdfunding gives us a quicker route to launch. While 2023 may sound like a long ways away, as an organization that has sought (and was offered) traditional funding, we know that paving the way to obtaining such funds actually takes much longer than people may think, especially for relatively young organizations such as Poets and Muses.
  • Lastly, crowdfunding allows for more innovative ideas to test their viability while a platform such as GoFundMe ensures that funders are protected. Since traditional funding organizations often have funding restrictions (for good, albeit cumbersome, reasons) that dictate limits on beneficiaries, such as where or how the funds can be spent (i.e., specific target communities, geographical locations, etc.), which makes the few funds that are more applicable to an organization like Poets and Muses (that has featured artists globally) very competitive and difficult to obtain.

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II. Publications:

1. Launch date:

2023. The exact dates (for team-building hiring, submissions and publication, etc.) will be announced after we’ve reached our fundraising target.

2. Production:

Will you be equipped to handle the frequency of submissions?

If we meet or exceed our fundraising target, we will be hiring a team to work together on the publications and podcasts.

For which roles will you be hiring?

While we will only know our exact hiring capacity after we reach or exceed our fundraising target, we will certainly need editors. In addition, we will also be looking for those with marketing and podcast-production expertise.

I would like to be a part of the Beyond Projections team. How can I get involved?

We’re thrilled for you to join us! As we’re still in the fundraising stage of this exciting project, here are some ways to take part:

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3. Submission Process:

What is your submission period?

Submissions will be open every Sunday through Wednesday.

Will there be submission fees?

Yes, the fees will be tiered with free submission slots available during each day of the submission period.

How many works can I submit?

One piece per entrant per submission period.

How often can I submit my work?

  • If your submission has been accepted for publication, we will ask you to wait between three and six months before submitting new works for consideration.
  • If your submission is not selected, then we welcome you to submit new works to Beyond Projections during subsequent submission periods.

Will you accept simultaneous submissions?


Will you have blind submissions?

Yes, we will only consider blind submissions.

What do you mean by blind submissions?

The authors’ information will be stripped from the submissions to ensure your works are judged solely based on their quality.

I am an artist/a writer, how can I submit my work to Beyond Projections?

We can’t wait to see your submissions! As we’re still in the fundraising stage of this exciting project, please:

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4. Publication Process:

Who will be published?

As with any NON-vanity press, Beyond Projections will only publish works our editors deem to be appropriate for our publications.

Will you publish the works of those working at Poets and Muses?

No, not while they are working with us. While former colleagues are certainly welcome to submit their works for consideration, since our submission process is blind, their works will also have to go through the same editorial process as those of everyone else.

Will you only contact people if their submissions are accepted for publication?

Whether or not we have decided to publish your work, you will hear back from us. (Unfortunately, there are publications out there that will ghost their submitters, and we think that’s disrespectful of those who took the time to send in their works.)

If my submission is selected by Beyond Projection for publication, will I be paid?

Yes. We will compensate everyone whose work is published by Beyond Projections. Select works will be eligible to be published in both the journal, as well as our anthologies.

  • Tiered compensation for journal publication.
  • Equal-portion (profit-sharing) compensation for works included in the Beyond Projections anthologies.

5. Companion Podcast:

Who will participate?

While everyone who submits work to Beyond Projections can opt into participating in both the BP podcast, as well as the original Poets and Muses podcast, only those selected for publication will be eligible for final consideration.

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