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November 9th at Space 55

Poets and Muses Event Page: 11092019 Desert Diwata Exodus Event

Imogen Arate, the Executive Producer and Host of Poets and Muses, will be performing at Desert Diwata’s “Exodus” event, along with Poets-and-Muses guest and DD’s Co-Founder, Erin Kong, and other notable AAPI & POC artists.

Past Events


October 5th at the Phoenix Public Market

Poets and Muses Event Page: 20191005 Meet Your Community Flier

Poets and Muses exhibited at the 2019 Meet Your Literary Community event (along with Poets-and-Muses guest, Erin Kong, and other exhibitors) and took part in our partner, Oh My Ears’s demonstration of the Phoenix Poetry Orchestra.

Erin Kong cover for Poets and MusesPoets-and-Muses Collaborator Oh My Ears

September 26th at the Uganda Museum

Imogen Arate was featured, along with a number of talented Ugandan poets, writers, performers and artists, at Tontoma‘s Meet & Greet with Arts Collaboratory (including Poets-and-Muses guests, Rap Poet, Gideon Mugay and the Black Poet).

Rap Poet cover for Poets and MusesGideon Mugay cover for Poets and MusesThe Black Poet cover for Poets and Muses

September 21st at the Phoenix Urban Arts Market

June 4th at the Phoenix FilmBar

Imogen Arate performed with the Phoenix Poetry Orchestra wind quartet, with music composed by Kevin E. Kerr, specifically to the poems she read.

During the 2nd half, the audience participated in writing improv poetry that the talented musicians interpreted (in vivo) in musical form.

June 1st at the Mesa Convention Center

Poets and Muses exhibited at the 2019 KJZZ Arizona Story Fest & Authors Showcase.

May 25th at Narrative

Imogen Arate read her poetry and short stories along with Poets-and-Muses guests, Sean Avery and Anna Flores, among other writers.

Sean Avery cover for Poets and MusesAnna Flores cover for Poets and Muses

May 11th at the Heard Museum

Imogen Arate MCed the Poetry Reading Open Mic at the Books, Beats and Bite event, which also featured Poets-and-Muses guests, Freddy Lopez and Dyrti Redd.

Dyrti Redd cover for Poets and Muses

Booking Requests

We’re especially interested in participating in group events where Poets-and-Muses’s featured guests will read from their works.